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                                          Our students won the second prize in the first "Energy, Wisdom and Future" National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
                                          Time:2018-11-25   Visits:10

                                                  The first Energy, Wisdom and Future National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held at University of Petroleum (east China) on Nov 25, 2018. The project Guangyuan new material -- neutron absorbing material for new generation nuclear reactor won the second prize in the competition. Ma zhaohai, deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, Gong shufeng, secretary of the youth league committee of the college and other leaders were present at the final of the competition. Energy, wisdom, and future is the national competition of college students' innovative directed by the Chinese Academy of Higher Education, The Central School Department of the Communist Youth League, China Energy Research Association, China Petroleum Education Society, Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and undertaken by the University of Petroleum (east China) and Qingdao West Coast New District.It is a high level competition for college students in the field of energy innovation and entrepreneurship in China at present and it has become one of the largest domestic competitions with the largest number of entries and one of the most influential energy innovation and entrepreneurship events. The project Guangyuan new material -- neutron absorbing material for new generation nuclear reactor was directed by professor Ran guang, director of the nuclear energy research institute of our institute. Six school-based graduate students, including Mu yongshuai, Wu weisong, Li fangbiao, Ye chao, Lei penghui and Huang qian, were the main team members. The project is an entrepreneurial project with neutron absorbing material as the main product for the control rod of nuclear power plant. The project has been polished and practiced for many times. With its advanced technology and innovation, it finally stands out from more than 2000 projects in China and reached the final. In the final competition, the students of our school won the second prize with the excellent project content and stable performance after fierce competition.